Neuroscience news block: Best of 2017

Ho-ho-ho! Look what Santa brought us here! This awesome neuroscience blog has awoken from the master thesis-induced hibernation and is ready to bring the wonder of neuroscientific discovery to the masses again! What a great present! (I know, you might have asked for a new laptop or a promotion. Talk it out with Santa, I’m doing what I can here).

As this year (thankfully) nears its end I sampled some of the most interesting and prominent neuroscience studies of 2017 to make you go whoa. Buckle up kiddos, this one is gonna be a handful!


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Neuroscience news block: mysterious giant neurons, neurobiology of being fun and LSD potency explained.

Neuroscientists did not sit idly by in the past month: while you were going about your business they discovered a giant neuron wrapping itself around the entire mouse brain, recognized the differences between experienced improv comedians and newbies struggling to be funny (apart from the obvious jokes quality) and took the first ever 3D image of LSD bound to a brain receptor.

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Neuroscience news block! June 22th

It is this time of the month again: Time to overview the cool stuff neuroscience discovered in the last two (okay, almost three) weeks! On the agenda today:  How scientists can read your mind, why you better should clean up your work desk right about now, new victories in the fight against Alzheimer's and some encouragement for your scribblings on the old newspapers or writing Harry Potter fan fiction in your secret notebook.  

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